Grass Stain Preservation Initiative 

A trophy for a young athlete from a well played sports competition is the grass stains on their uniform.  Sadly grass stains are in danger of extinction as natural grass fields are being replaced with synthetic fields.  With that replacement, grass stains are being traded for burns and abrasions from the synthetic turf.


The replacemet of natural grass fields with synthetic turf is happening all because of a simple lack of understanding and grass field mis-management.  

Properly maintained natural grass fields can sustain heavy amounts of play and

are dramatically less expensive than the plastic synthetic alternative. In fact,  3

quality grass fields can be built and maintained for the price of 1 synthetic. 






The Grass Stain Preservation Initiative provides education and understanding about the possibilities of natural grass athletic fields for exectuives, administrators, coaches, and parents.  Properly maintained natural grass fields are economical to construct and care for, are good for environment, and are safe for players of all ages. These possibilites now can be shared and utilized to sustain grass stains as trophies for generations to come!