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Growing Innovations creates and promotes new ideas in the natural grass field maintenance industry. By building relationships with innovative companies for collaboration, we are able to influence product development and support invention of new solutions for high-use natural grass surfaces.  Innovations we create and promote are unique and have no other equal in the market place.  We do not support competition, only improvement and evolution in solutions for natural grass surfaces. 

Learn more about Growing Innovations' Collaboration Partners below. 


A new, creative company based in Jacksonville, FL, Air2G2 is a state of the art aerating machine that injects air into the soil.  Growing Innovations collaboration with Air2G2 is focused on utilizing this new aeration method to increase wear tolerance and recovery on high use natural grass surfaces.  The one-of-a-kind Air2G2 machine immediately relieves compaction, aides in surface water drainage by creating larger pore space in the soil subsurface, balances the water to air ratio within the soil and encourages positive microbial activity.

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Barenbrug's developement of RPR ryegrass and HGT Kentucky bluegrass has re-defined what is possible for cool season turfgrass on high use natural grass fields. Growing Innovations collaboration with Barenbrug is focused on pushing the limit of possibility of these grasses and supporting the creation of even more improved varieites for high use natural grass surfaces.  Barenbrug has a passion for grass that is shared with their customers and growers; something that four generations of the Barenbrug family have shared through to the present day. Barenbrug's position in the grass seed market has been achieved not just by putting craftsmanship into practice. It is a role that they have built up and cultivated over the years. 

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Campey Imants

Campey Imants delivers innovative, efficient equipment for turfgrass maintenance, most notably the Koro By Imants Field Top Maker. A heavy-duty fraise mower, Growing Innovations and KORO revolutionize the modern fraze mowing technique with development of the Universe® Fraze Mow rotor for removing unwanted surface matter such as poa-annua, thatch, weeds or the entire surface.  That rotor is now utilized world wide on hybrid surfaces, warm season, and cool season turfgrass swards.

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Deltec Equipment

Deltec Equipment is a world leading developer and manufacturer of specialized testing equipment for sports surfaces. Growing Innovations collaboration with Deltec is focused on more efficient and better utilized surface data for natral grass surfaces.  With that, Deltec offers first-of-kind professional and consumer level testing equipment that open the world of natural grass playing fields to the possibilities of testing and data.

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Floratine is an industry leading manufacturer and distributer of turfgrass products using only the highest-grade ingredients to maximize plant uptake. Growing Innovations collaboration with Floratine has yielded the world's first sports turf specific soil test and the new high use natural grass reinforcement product "Fight's On".  Floratine is commited to research and soil testing, and providing products and solutions that help maintain the finest turfgrass surfaces in the world. 

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Natural Grass Advisory Group™

Natural Grass Advisory Group™ is an independent advisory and support team focused on the improvement of natural grass sport surfaces. NGAG™ was founded with a single mission: Establish that grass fields CAN take more!  Growing Innovations collaboration with NGAG™ includes utilization of NGAG's indepedent agrnomic advice in the creation of Universe® Fraze Mowing and in the adaptation of improved data collection and surface testing techniques.  

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POGO Turf Pro

POGO is a professional, all-in-one system obtaining insight into natural grass surface conditions, allowing maintenance decisions to be made efficiently and cost effectively. POGO’s portable wireless sensor captures turf and soil conditions including moisture, salinity (electrical conductivity) and temperature, and is synchronized with a cloud-based application for analysis. POGO technology fits perfectly into the Growing Innovations family as an unprecedented solution for turf managers to make data-based decisions on irrigation and fertilization. This partnership provides POGO with its first

Washington, DC area based distribution and its first ever sports field focused distribution.

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Stadium Grow Lighting

Stadium Grow Lighting (SGL) is the first and only supplemental light technology for natural grass playing fields. SGL offers a complete pitch management system for natural grass to grow in any stadium under any possible condition and playing schedule.  Growing Innovations collaboration with SGL involves creation of USA needed adaptation of SGL technology and support for existing SGL clients in North America.  

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Sod Solutions

Sod Solutions identifies, tests and markets improved turf grass selections, including HGT, Latitude 36, and Celebration Bermudagrass, while setting industry standards for turfgrass playing fields.  Growing Innovations collaboration with Sod Solutions involves support with testing and feedback on quality control.  Sod Solutions applies strict quality control measures to ensure that all its turfgrasses are produced from approved, genetically pure sources. All of Sod Solutions turfgrasses are certified as required by local certifying entities and require less water and maintenance needs that others.

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Trinity Lightweight

Trinity Lightweight is the largest producer of rotary kiln expanded shale and clay lightweight aggregate in North America. Trinity Lightweight is a leading supporter of research, independent testing and field studies to improve the manufacturing process and expand the beneficial uses of the product. Growing Innovations collaboration with Trinity is focused on lightweight's benefits for conditioning native soil natural grass fields, improving roots, drainage and durability while reducing irrigation and aeration requirements.

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