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Mr. Ko Rodenburg invented the KORO Field Topmaker in 1996 to clean poa annua seed and thatch from the top of his grass fields. With that invention, the field maintenance superintendent in Rotterdam, Holland became the father of fraise mowing. 

Why fraise mowing? Verticutting and core aeration for thatch and organic management removes 8%-12% on grass fields. Fraise mowing provides an option to remove up to 100%. Since Rodenburg's invention in 1996, fraise mowing (known as "KORO'ing") to clean poa and thatch has become regular maintenance for fields across Europe.

​Mr. Rodenburg's fraise mowing was introduced openly to the USA in May of 2012 by Growing Innovations Founder Jerad Minnick on his blog during a demonstration day in Holland. 

History of Fraze Mowing

Upon observing and sharing about fraise mowing for the first time, Minnick was convinced that KORO'ing could be as revolutionary for grass fields in the USA as it had been in Europe.  His conviction, combined with the passion of Simon Gumbrill and all the staff at Campey Turf Care (Manchester, UK), trials and testing started taking place in the fall of 2012 in the USA.  


Aided by the creative engineers at Imants BV (Reusel, Holland; manufacturer of the KORO Field Topmaker), Growing Innovations and Campey Turf Care have taken conventional fraise mowing into today's Universe® Fraze Mowing.  What's Different? A LOT!


Traditional fraise mowing was developed and expanded on ryegrass, a grass that does not spread aggressively.  In the United States, Bermudagrass and Kentucky bluegrass both spread aggressively.  To take advantage of the regenerating properties, Unverse® Fraze Mowing was created to provide the cleaning of traditional fraise mowing but promote the regeneration of the spreading grasses. 

Universe® Fraze Mowing benefits are:​​

  • Clean thatch & organic build up that causes field surface to become hard while making playability slick

  • Remove poa annua plants and seed build up

  • Promotes re-generation of existing grass to strengthen the playing surface; eliminates divoting, reduces wear 

  • Stronger grass that requires less maintenance, less fertilizer, less water, and less pesticide

  • Surface of the field is also smoothed during the process

Why Create Universe® Fraze Mow?

Beware of Imitation

Traditional fraise mowing is catching on across the United States.  What an exciting and revolutionary time!  However, Universe® Fraze Mowing is new and unique to the KORO Universe® Fraze Mow machine.   Growing Innovations worked independently and specifically with KORO on the development of Universe® Fraze Mowing.


No machine, except for the Field Topmaker with a Universe® cutting rotor, can perform the practice. All re-establishment agronomic programs for Universe® fraze mowing are produced through Natural Grass Advisory Group™ advisory and testing. No other agronomic advisory company in the world specializes in Universe® Fraze Mowing regeneration. 


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